First things first, don’t forget to turn the clocks one hour backward this Saturday evening. I am team against daylight saving and I wish they stop this messing up with our already messed up sleep!

Now that we are approaching holiday seasons, and to avoid another pandemic wave, here are the most common places where COVID is spreading. If you are vaccinated, is it important to test the antibodies levels? And what are the main things to know about the COVID booster shots.

F for Fun

Halloween party anyone? If you are planning to attend any, here are the best pop culture costumes. If you are too lazy, check these ideas! And finally, what does you choice of Halloween candy say about you!

F for Fashion (Beauty)

Technology never stops to amaze us. We all know overnight masks but now how about PJ infused with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin moisturized overnight!

F for Fitness (Health)

What to look for when you do self check for breasts. And please ladies, make sure not to skip your yearly mammograms’.

F for Food

Let’s spice it up! A unique salad dressing recipe by @nmfeats!

See you next week!

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