My charming voice decided to dump me this week, and I tell you one thing, whispering to people is not super practical! The funniest thing is when you tell them you can’t talk and they call you five minutes after 😛

Unfortunately , I had to miss some events this week, mostly the launch of the new collection by Alex A7mad.

Alex new collection

I attended a beautiful gathering in Neighborhood which is a new concept with several restaurants in Beit Meri; a chill location for breezy summer evenings.

F for Fun

Instagram, after several attempts, is finally taking actions against bullying 

hoping that this will reduce the harm some cause withe their unjustified cruelty.
comment warning on Instagram
Instagram comment warning


F for Food

Plans for Friday, Netflix and popcorn! Try this innovative Cocoa recipe!

food sweet snack tasty
Photo by Pixabay on

F for Fitness

Let us work the lower abs by five simple moves, and you will be surprised by some!

balance body exercise female
Photo by Burst on

F for Fashion

The rave about the benefits of Rose hip oil is raising, with the likes of Kate Middleton, Charlotte Tilbury,  Cara Delevingne, Victoria Beckham and many more swearing by it. Get more information about it here

See you next week!

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La Petite


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