So I am back, while the last weeks were a bit hard on me, I made sure to still keep track and save the links that I was liking to share with you!

Tell me first, is it being useful, fun, helpful and / or entertaining following these lists? I would like to know your thoughts in the comments below.

F For Fun:

With spring break knocking our doors, here is a compiled list of the top destinations for 2019 per season. Spring could be calling Lyon but Autumn is calling LEBANON!

Sunset views

F for Fashion 

With warmer temperature coming our way, ladies, get your skirts ready, and if you are still wondering about what could suit your body type the best, check this guide (alert it is in French!)

via Massimo Dutti

F for Food

The aromatic cinnamon spice has more uses than the cinnamon roll! Check the benefits of this magical spice, I personally add it on my coffee and it curbs the sugar craving:)


F for Fitness  and health!

We might be guilty by doing one of these mistakes when it comes to workout, check what are the things to avoid (noting that this article is from last year but trust me it is applicable!)

See you next week!

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