April’s fool took many by storm as every year; phew I survived mine this year without any injuries, loool! Thank God none of my entourage was in the mood and guess who didn’t bother either: MOI!

Fool or not, here are my favorite links for this week:

F for Fashion (beauty!)

Have you ever wondered my ladies how can you tell if a mascara will be good without trying it? Here are some hacks  to help you choose

 funny mascara memes
Mascara memes

F for Fitness (health)

Having a fast metabolism is every one’s dream; did you know that you can enhance yours by simple gestures like eating on time, slowly and… read the rest here! Then hit the mat and do my Pilates workout!

F for Food

Well who would’ve imagined that! With the avocado craze invading instagram and menus, some would stay away for its high content in fat (HEALTHY FATS!) so Isla bonita the Spanish company invented (drum rolls) Diet avocado!

 avocado toast
Avocado toast

F for Fun

Just in case you were fooled, having seasonal depression or any mood swing trigger, here is your guide to feeling better. Maybe faking it till you make  it isn’t bad after all!

 gif mood swings
Mood swings

See you next week!

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La Petite

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