Ramadan Karim, we are blessed again to witness one of the best months of the year. Hopefully you seize the chance, this year to profit from this month on both spiritual and health levels.

We frequently read about the best diets that include fasting, the trendiest one being the intermittent fasting (read more here) where briefly you are required to fast between 8, 12 or 14 hours and to adopt healthier lifestyle in between. Well years and years ago, this is what God granted us by blessing us with Ramadan.

All the over eating and messing that is done in this month will deprive you from one of the main benefits of course.

Knowing that Ramadan is not strictly related to fasting for hours and over indulging after. It is not only to feel with the poor ones who have nothing to eat for days and days. It is about connecting your soul with the Creator, it is about the kind word and gesture, about bonding with your family and dear ones and much more. It is a month of gratitude.

Ramadan for me is the dearest, and I make sure to dedicate more time to seize this yearly opportunity to detoxify my spirit and my body.

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I was very happy this year when Mintbasil Market contacted me to collaborate with them.

For those of you who don’t know; Mintbasil is an online platform that offers free delivery in Lebanon for a wide range of healthy products, sourced from the producers to your door step.

And this year, they created Souhour packages, perfectly adapted with the best products in order to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle during the month. They come with handy recipes too!

Many skip souhour which is very wrong as basically it replaces breakfast. In fact, a proper souhour is crucial to give you the vitality and strength needed during the day. When you consume the right food, it will regulate your blood sugar taming the headaches and thirst.

Here are some tips of what to eat:

  • Whole grain bread, cereals or oats to cover your carbs needs
  • Labneh, yogurt, white cheeses or lean meat to cover your protein needs
  • Fibers, vitamins and sugars from vegetables and fresh fruits

 Stay tuned as I will share with you easy souhour recipes using simple products that are provided in the package.

Take a look at these tips that I shared before too!

And finally, may all the blessing of the month be upon you and you family and loved ones.

La Petite


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