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Patiently working behind the scenes in the very well-known Ferdinand pub in Hamra, where people rave about the mood and the foooood, Ferdinand burger anyone?!, Chef Riad has been sewing a dream that he materialized recently inside a renovated space in Gemmayze and so Meats and Bread was born.

Passing by the area, I was observing for a while the “make off” where the decoration reflects the spirit. Roughness of the wooden forest cottage with the walls decorated with all sort of knives and tools. Another corner “chimney like| area where the Kalei coffee machine and Colonel draft beer are placed. Facing you an open kitchen where all the sizzling, grilling and plating is done.


Until I finally passed with my friend to try what they have to offer.

Warm welcome from the staff, between the different seating options, we picked the community table, in the end it is more enjoyable to “break bread AND MEAT together”!

A general look at the menu, followed by the waiter’s recommendation we opted for the following:

  • WTF burger made of Angus beef cooked medium, layered with the fried shallots, and topped with the secret sauce! It was cut in half with two sides one with and the other without cheese; talking about satisfying your customers! The bun is equally irresistible with its crunchiness contrasting with the almost melting meat! Is that enough clear how much i loved it! Oh it comes with a side of home potato chips.


  • Beetroot cured smoked salmon: needless to say attentively prepared by the chef: a generous portion of in-house smoked salmon, with an apricot glaze for all of you who adore sweet and sour contrast *cough*ME, and a side of smashed potatoes topped with sour cream and shallots decorated with scallions ribbon.  A must try.


We had the pleasure to chat with Riad about his future plans and additions to the menu. This experience is a must try, a journey to re-discover the quality of each ingredient and way more.

Thank you Riad for this awesome concept! I will definitely be back as I would love to try other items on the menu specially the Bao and the worth the wait dessert.


La Petite


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