Dig inn: poke bowl meets salad bar!

Where to eat Healthy in NYC: Dig InnRead more

Breakfast Barn: Healthies rejoice!

If healthy can be tangible, the closest would be a meal at Breakfast Barn! A beautiful balcony overlooking a small street in Achrafieh, a welcoming sign: “We serve Health for breakfast, brunch et un ptit cafe”, inviting right! On a Sunday morning, where laziness is allowed, and meal times can be modified as one likes, […]Read more

Ahi poke: Aloha Hawaii

The rave about poke bowls hit Lebanon and it is more than welcome. The fact of customizing your plate like a salad bar is very genius and it was introduced discretely in menus like Le merou and Eat Sunshine or in a bar dedicated to this concept by that I mean Malolo. However, in the small outlet in […]Read more

Meats and bread: through the good, the better and the best!

Patiently working behind the scenes in the very well-known Ferdinand pub in Hamra, where people rave about the mood and the foooood, Ferdinand burger anyone?!, Chef Riad has been sewing a dream that he materialized recently inside a renovated space in Gemmayze and so Meats and Bread was born. Passing by the area, I was observing for […]Read more

Tailor’s bar: a custom made eve

Located in Badaro, facing East Village , Tailor’s bar will catch you eye with its decoration and will gain your heart with the sweet service and delicious food. Pick your seat, on their upper floor, on the bar or outside on the trottoir. We opted for the upper terrace area, very well ventilated which was more than […]Read more