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How could I not knew this place before, I regret missing all the tasty meals that I could have enjoyed long time before! But I am planning to make it up!

You are only one trip away of savoring innovative traditional Lebanese cuisine; located in Dhour Shweir, overlooking the vast Bekaa valley, tallet Abou Zeid has gained its reputation mainly for its Fawaregh and M2adem.


We stepped there for a late lunch on Saturday, and the experience was memorable.

The menu honors Lebanese cuisine with their own touch. We started savoring the scrumptious meal:

  • Fattoush w Tabouli: loved the citrusy taste and the freshness of the vegetables


  • Hindbeh: with the fried onions ornamenting it and adding a sweetness to the slight bitterness an amazing contrast


  • Warak 3nab: rolled to perfection


  • Creamy Hommos and Motabal: the addictive dips



  • Batata harra: a new presentation as à la Provencal with layers of potatoes, I was not able to stop eating as tasty as they were


  • Sambusik cheese: rich filled pockets of gooey cheese fried but not oily


  • Tajen dense and rich with a meaty texture


  • The signature dish for me is their Arayes Kafta: a thick filling of kafta between crunchy layers of bread, a feast!


  • The mixed grills: tender meats and chicken with grilled veggies on the side, fit for a King


No room for one bite, you better stretch that stomach! As the finale is sealed with all fresh seasonal fruits and jams of which I loved the apples one.


I chatted with Mr Simon, one of the owners; they are currently expanding over two floors including a rooftop, with the breathtaking view and a winter closed venue fit for occasions too. They are also working on gaining ISO 22000 certification relevant to the food safety.

Such businesses warm the heart with their attention and dedication to the customer ultimate service while leaving it affordable for all.

 Premium location, food and services are what makes this place a totally recommended one.

La Petite


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