Half way through the most blessed months, and after 16 days of fasting, I cannot but be amazed every time, how much it purifies the soul and clears the mind. I was able to tick off my to do list, tasks that were pending for months and I am hoping to have the same stamina and more by the end of the month InshAllah.
Wishing you a happy Easter and Palm Sunday for all of you celebrating either.

F for Fun /facts

What are the 6 personality traits if you have ADHD? Do these 3 things if you didn’t get enough sleep. And stand up for the right of Palestinians.

F for Fashion / beauty

Do you want to follow Kate Hudson’s beauty and wellness routine? Looking for a fresh look, try one of these 20 classy haircuts, just don’t cut your own bangs! Take care of your skin this Ramadan following these skin hydration tips.

F for Fitness

Never underestimate the power of stretching, give these 19 hip stretches a try, no equipment leg exercises for the win! 15 minutes total body workout by Sadie!

F for Food

Upgrade your regular labneh with whipped labneh recipe, did you know that these 12 foods do not need refrigeration and these 7 foods that you can freeze! Welcome Spring with these cookies!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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