Already one week passed in Ramadan, during which my body was adjusting to the fasting yet extremely grateful for this yearly soul and body detox. A big fuss happened in Lebanon, anything here turns to memes unfortunately, where there was a sudden decision from the government to postpone the day light saving until after Ramadan. My 2 cents about this, personally, I don’t see why we are still applying this, most countries dropped it, it is true that having such rushed decision is disturbing to businesses, although according to the prime minister, the decision was under discussion for the past 6 months, and I wouldn’t be surprised that it was, in a country without a president since last year, but what bothered me the most was how it was turned into religious rival, Christians feeling attacked that the decision was in “Favor” of Muslims, sadly, this will be always the case here. The decision was reverted and we are now all following one time.

F for Facts

How to overindulge in self care, and is your self care helping you? Too much screen time? here is how to scroll the phone without ruining your sleep!

F for Fashion (Beauty)

Another trend on TikTok this time cherry cola lips! What is the difference between the contour and bronzer? I selected for you the top trends this Ramadan according to your body shape!

F for Fitness

I love total body workout and even more a workout that boosts my endorphins! And some torture with these hamstrings exercises! Mamas abs on fya!

F for Food

Don’t upset the Italians, here is best way to cook pasta! Take care of your non stick pan. Lot what to cook for iftar? ginger turmeric pair is full of antioxidants, so check this recipe by Fatina and Faten! I tried it with roasted chicken and it was delicious.

See you next week!

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