I love celebrating Spring regardless of the actual weather, which in Lebanon is still swinging between warm and cold! And with spring, grows the appetite for dopamine dressing, floral prints “groundbreaking”, pastels and more. So, in case you are like me, eager to get rid of layers and layers of winter clothes, let’s take a look on how to upgrade and optimize our wardrobes for the season!

Thankfully brands are switching to more Eco-friendly fashion and sustainable materials while we are experiencing a rise in digital-first and AR retail experiences as well as personalized shopping experiences, and that is why I am here to support you so don’t shy out of booking your session with me, on closet coach platform for my USA readers or by sending me an email (ptitnfit@gmail.com) or DM on my Instagram. You can shop all these trends from my list of favorites on Fwrd and Revolve!

Spring Colors
Bright and eye-catching colors will continue to be popular in 2023. Expect to see neon colors, from bright pinks and oranges to electric yellows and blues. Pastels will still be popular, but look for colors like lavender, mint green, lime, tangerine and pale blue. Embrace Red, which was seen on the runways with Ferragamo and Gucci and no shame in shining with metallics.

Quiet Luxury
It is all about elevated basics which are an excellent investment pieces that whisper rather than scream, and are both functional and trendy. Get yourself long tailored coat with spring fabrics like suede. Suits are a must in your wardrobe, and they’re always in style, don’t omit the waistcoats as part of the full suit and you can style each item of the suit on its own. Ballets flats and basics like tube and tank tops which make the base for any look and could be accessorized to bring the fun element. The column skirt and denim skirts are back from the 90s. Anonymous bags that are not covered with logos, pointed toe shoes, and Jewelry to finish your look.

Utility Wear
Utility wear is still going to be a big trend in 2023. Look for cargo pants, overalls, and jackets with lots of pockets and utility belts.

Spring Dresses
Opt for mini dresses for a guaranteed playful and fun look, have fun layering it with your favorite denim, or funky tights. Tube dresses are having a comeback with their sleek and ’90s-inspired vibe.

Maxi Skirts
As see on every fashion influencer and in all the new drops! In denim, with frontal slits or none, and column skirts should be on your radar too.

Fabrics and prints
Bold, colorful floral prints are always in style for spring, and 2023 is no exception. Look for oversized prints and vibrant colors. Tie-dye is back in a big way and so are stripes. See-through fabrics, sexy chic lingerie look, no pants looks, denim on denim is for the win, and so is leather even in trench-coats.

Upgrade your jeans with the anti-skinny-jean trend consisting of boot-cut, flare, slouchy and straight-leg denim. Add to your wardrobe the dresses, skirts in both mini and maxi, long shorts, denim jackets and vests.

​This season we will see chunky soles with a sleek futuristic element, from sneakers to clogs and even the summer sandal. Mary janes and ballerina for a feminine touch. Athletic sneakers reminiscent of the ’80s and ’90s. Moto and biker boots trend carried on from the previous seasons. As for the styles, think loud colors and odd silhouettes, bright patterns and colors and funky prints.

Statement Accessories
From statement jewelry to bold handbags, accessories are a great way to make a statement. Look for bright colors and unique shapes. Belts are also having a comeback and so are oversize totes and hobo bags. Upgrade your clutch to one with unusual shape and bring back your minaudière. Brooches and 3D florals are adding a twist to our looks this Spring.

Stay tuned for more styling inspiration.

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