Mercury retrograde is over! Oh you know by now that we still have to deal with its shadow effect, but still, we can celebrate that and hop into the new lunar rabbit year!

I am now extremely happy to be helping you express yourself one outfit at a time! Don’t shy out, just send me a DM or email to discuss your style needs and budget and we will make it happen!

F for fun

Meet Bacchanalia, the most lavish NEW IT restaurant in London. New year is a new chance to cultivate a positive attitude, here is how you can do it!

F for Fashion / Beauty

Visiting your hairdresser soon? It won’t hurt to know the latest haircut trends before! Be aware of what you see on TikTok like this #periodbloodfacemask ??

F for Fitness

Follow these ayuverda tips for the best times to eat, sleep and exercise! Now ready to be tortured! Do these 10 plank variations but please don’t hate me!

F for Food

I got your back with the best snack combination for balancing blood sugar. Because who wants to be Hangry! Now beat anxiety and depression with these foods, comforting to say the least. Create magic with Fitwaffle!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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