Lately I have been having weird mood swings of over creativity and lack of it, of inspiration and hope and gloominess, of joy and disappointment. In case you are out of breath just thinking about it, well I felt the same too. But Allah SWT always helps me with messages that come in form of gut feeling, things I “randomly” read and mostly, people who are there to light the way to feeling better, to trust the “process” and evolve. In case you are living this contradiction, I am here to tell you, it will get better, just BELIEVE!

F for Fun/Facts

Another trend courtesy of TikTok, this time it is all about LUCK, lucky girl syndrome rings a bell? Lucky will be those who visit the seven wonders in 2023! Prince Harry spilled some Tea and we are here for it!

F for Fashion

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2023 started and the designers are showing off their creative talents and craftsmanship. This year, the designers are bringing a fresh, modern aesthetic. We can expect to see bold colors, intricate detailing, and daring silhouettes. Schiaparelli definitely was the talk of the town with the Dante’s inferno theme that included three faux fur sculpted leopard, lion and bear heads that represented the three sins. Georges Hobeika’s small talk collection was presented by the house’s friends like Jessica Kahawaty and her mother among others with hints of english garden influence, in colors and plumage on capes for romantic escape. Dior’s collection was less of a couture one, in homage to Josephine Baker which translated in clothes that are meant to be worn, walked and danced in as Chiuri mentioned. Same was for Rabih Keyrouz, whose collection was filled with rain coats and turtle necks and trousers. Giambattista Valli’s unique and eye-catching pieces that are sure to make a statement with the peonies silk bow dresses and silk petals and cherry flowers adorning the pieces. Chanel turned the runway to a playful space with wooden toys like Noah’s arc, and models strolling with the tweed sets embellished with ruffles and bow ties and metallic embroideries. Georges Chakra models floated in silk and crystals, sequins and stones as well as feathers on their skirts and dresses. Armani Prive’s collection, as inspired by the 16th century Italian entertainment, was as playful and joyful with sequins and silk and rhinestones with Giorgio’s savoir fair. This time Stephane Rolland took us on a trip to Brazil in reference to Oscar Niemeyer ‘s architecture with round silhouettes and moved to the Alborada di Brasilia Palace with chiffon and embroidered crepe dresses and golden metallic. Saudi Designer Ashistudio’s Dust and moonlight collection included dresses adorned with crystals and sparkling stones. Elie Saab was all about Indian culture in the grandiose gowns embellished with jewelry that reflect health, fortune, power and kingship. Viktor and Rolf are pushing the boundaries with their pieces that were worn upside down and sometimes held by the models, is it the freedom feeling for the women? Zuhair Murad had JLo in mind, with sunset color gowns, cutouts and bejeweled pieces. Jean Paul Gaultier’s codes were re-imagined by Hackerman and the collection included black and colorful feathers, strong silhouettes and romantic ones. Rami Al Ali’s couture show revolved around soft gold and rose with pleating and structured cuts. Valentino’s le club couture show was a bold combination of colors and ruffles and designs. Fendi fell in love with the 30s with the hemlines and minimalistic designs that were sensual and sexy. And finally, Rami Kadi wants you to keep a mantra in his new collection.

F for Fitness/Health

These stressful days might be raising your Cortisol level, but you can tame it down with these foods. Post holidays tired bodies need some natural detox! Check what Dalia has to say about your body.

F for Food

Winter mood makes me crave soup even more, like this baked potato spicy one! Life is better with chocolate, and 100 recipes are for you to create after Pasta is served!

See you next week!

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