New week brought me some exciting news! Finally I can share with you the amazing campaign that I was proudly part of, with Remie Akl and Abaad. It is dear to my heart to speak up and defend women’s rights and the freedom to share about the horrors that they go through, especially rape. I would love your support on this one.

F for Facts /Fun

Feng shui gives us great tools to welcome the energy needed in our homes this year, will you try any? Plan your upcoming trips to the hottest 2023 destinations. Finding hard time to stick with your new year’s resolutions? There are apps even for that!

F for Fashion /Beauty

Start the year by feeling and looking younger, just check this anti aging skincare routine, I am amazed! Remember you can profit from code PTITNFIT10 while shopping on Sohaticare. Take a look at the new style aesthetics for this year and the trends forecast. Shop my favorites on Revolve and Fwrd!

F for Fitness/Health

After indulging over the festive season, you might have suffered from bloating, I did and here is what you can do to heal it. Follow these tips to boost your metabolism.

F for Food

This weather and flu season call for soup. And Nadia would definitely add chocolate!

See you next week!

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