Hello Summer lovers! Sand and Sun and Tan are my good mood boosters. The weather here is schizophrenic with rain and sunshine at the same time but I won’t complain as I am getting my dose of light daily hamdella.

I am enjoying exploring around in Tampa the areas that I haven’t seen during my previous trips. I will update the travel blog soon but meanwhile keep your eyes on my stories on my instagram page to explore with me.

F for Fun/ Facts

As mysterious as her personality is, Anna Wintour life interest many with her unique style and taste not only in fashion but also in life. If you happen to be in NYC check her favorite restaurants! The jury finally decided that Johnny is innocent and Amber has to refund him 15 million bucks! more about the final verdict here.

F for Fashion / Beauty

Is it possible to reverse skin aging? It seems yes! How about an effective treatment for the under eyes fine lines? Here is your dose of Summer dresses fashion!

F for Fitness

As simple as they may seem, crunches can strain your neck if not done properly. Check these tips and shape dem abs!

F for Food

What is even summer without grilling and ice cream! Stop drying your grilled chicken with these tips. Wash everything with this mango lime sorbet recipe.

See you next week!

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La Petite

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