I celebrated Wednesday PTITNFIT 6th anniversary and I know I am so behind in editing the related post but it will come! Plenty of things to be grateful for like your support and encouragement in every action you take on the blog, as well as the evolution that happened to this blog ever since I started. InshAllah it will move forward exceeding your expectations.

I am currently working on updating my travel blogs from USA as per the newest discoveries that I was sharing with you on my Instagram page so stay tuned!

F for Fun/ Facts

UK is currently testing 4 days work week, as many jobs are back to offices so what do you think about that experiment if you had to choose? Music lovers, here are 7 new albums that you should listen to!

F for Fashion / Beauty

With Summer approaching, we are all want to look at out best! Make sure to check how to get a healthy glow. Should you apply sunscreen on your eyelids? Finally, summer deals are on the way so check what editors are approving this season!

F for Food

The baristas are the judges. What are the worse and best milk alternatives with your latte. Personally, I only love skimmed milk! As for salads, how about your try this delicious strawberry and chicken salad for a fresh summer option! And this red velvet as a sweet end!

F for Fitness

You can now choose your workout as per your personality type, how cool is that! That being said how about you burn burnnnnn energy with this HIIT!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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