Hello citizens of the world! Did you miss me last week! I surely did and felt guilty to miss on my weekly updates for you!

Reporting from the Orange State! Clearwater is giving me the best summer vibes (minus few rainy days!) Time difference and jet lag aren’t easy to handle, but I definitely needed the time out! Lebanon and the crisis and job search and life! ouf overwhelmed as you can imagine and as many are. So honoring my well being and mental health by releasing myself from the captivity of being connected always!

F for Fun

Is Cara Delvingue ok?! and you better guess who is back! Ok I will tell you; Anna Delvey straight from Prison! And Finally the star of last week Kourtney and Travis third wedding!

F for Fashion

Is it Fashion section if we did not talk about Cannes Red carpet! Once again the lebanese designers amazed us with the most beautiful dresses worn by the moat prestigious names. Best dressed here, here and here! Ofcourse don’t miss my fashion police section on ptitnfit instagram!

F for Fitness / health

Oh my, we only needed the Monkey pox. Get to know more about this not so new disease and after that I want you to different neck stretches here!

F for Food

How to make tasty banana bundt cake and these cinnamon bagels

See you next week!

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La Petite

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