And here we are, few days before Eid, Ramadan is almost over, and Hamdella for another year of trying to re align myself with what Allah asked from us. Wishing you and your families and oved ones a blessed eid an may Allah accept your fast and prayers.

Unfortunately, it is sad to see how many miss this precious opportunity, as if they are ashamed of their religion. With all due respect, and without any judgement to any condition that one may have, however, I know for fact some who willingly chose to quit fasting, and sharing over their social media bluntly how they are. Again, I stress on the fact that there are reasons where Allah SWT gave us the permission to break our fast, but what I am mentioning is not within these conditions. Don’t be ashamed of your religion, whatever it was, feel blessed that you received the message.

F for Fun

Guilty as charged! I get all the cravings in the world while fasting, to be full of soup after iftar!

F for Fashion

I prepared for you a selection of styles for Eid on my guides on instagram page and these dresses styles can never fail

F for Fitness

You know it is never too late to start a healthy habit a ramadan was all about refreshing your system, check this beginner abs workout.

F for Food

Is it eid even if it doesn’t have maamoul! More than ten recipes on taste and flavor and one of top by Rima!

See you next week!

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