How beautiful it is to have many occasions happening at the same time. Blessed weeks with easter and Ramadan coming in the same period and the overall spiritual feeling filling our hearts and souls. I hope you are making the best out of it.

F for Fun/ Facts

Coachella is back rocking LA and all eyes were on it this weekend and anticipating for next weekend! How to enjoy the festival in your 30s and who were the most stylish girls this year. On another note, what is the future of “influencers“.

F for Fashion / Beauty

A fun new collection just dropped by Iris Apfel for H&M for a vibrant spring. Have you heard of “slugging“? check this K beauty trend that invaded tiktok. Be careful however it might not be risk free. Check Miriam Abadi’s skincare routine this Ramadan. And don’t forget to benefit from Sohaticare deals using my code PTITNFIT10

F for Fitness/ Health

If you are suffering from upset stomach, get to know the difference between heart burn and acid reflux.

F for Food

I personally ditch coffee and tea all Ramadan, but I know many wait for Iftar to sip their coffee so here are 6 unusual coffee brewing techniques. To be coupled with this delicious cheesecake with a twist!

See you next week!

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