Don’t you hate goodbyes? I personally do, and every year I bid Ramadan goodbye, I feel a part of me is missing. Yet I always try my best to fast the holy 6 days from Shawal which help me smoothly while getting all the benefits.

Eid was good among family, it is hard ofcourse, second year without mom and 13th year without dad, not to forget that my siblings are abroad. Hamdella I am blessed to have my extended family, and I keep repeating that because they try their best to surround me with their love and care.

F for Fun

Who are the influencers who refuse to get cancelled. And what are the funniest Met Gala memes! Bonus! why did Vogue ban the Kardashians from Met gala for 6 years!

F for Fashion

Can we even talk about anything but Met gala! The extravagant event that is back to amaze us in the first Tuesday of May. This year it was about Gilded Glamour and white tie. Who were the best dressed and what did everyone wear to the after party? Don’t miss my fashion police highlight about all the looks on my instagram page!

F for Fitness

Only 5 moves to sculpt your upper body! Are you making this mistake while doing squats?

F for Food

Back to enjoying morning coffee and this orange upside down cake will be the perfect combo! how about breakfast recipes? No comment on the beauty below! Asparagus and strawberry pizza for the win!

See you next week!

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