Your girl had a great birthday and then I poured my heart in the usual birthday post so check it out!

Besides that, it was a very normal week, if normal now means not being active unless I have to, and for me not to sink in home till I rot or till spring arrives, I am forcing myself out to get the necessity by keeping one thing to get every day, try this tip!

F for Fun

Are you sick of online dating, how about Metaverse changing the game? If it is all written in the stars * cards! get to know tarot reading hacks.

F for Fashion

As I am preparing for you the best spring trends to shop and adopt, here is one trend that you would love, pants but make it flare!

F for Fitness

Let us shape these legs, lower body workout and how about tackling each and every muscle of your body with this pilates workout

F for Food

Before Ramadan starts, let us stick to a healthy lifestyle, try one of these 25 healthy recipes. Oh my this kale salad though!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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