How are the holidays treating you, I took an un-announced break last week! so here is a double issue for both Christmas and NY! TBH my mind is in vacation mode that I forgot track of the days! However, what I did not forget is that COVID is real, and the numbers are spiking high so make sure you keep your distance, wash / sanitize your hands, keep your masks on and get vaccinated!

Get to know your enemy! What is the difference between Omicron and delta variants. Good news from Pfizer an the efficiency of it pill. Considering that should you cancel all your plans?

F for Fun /Fact

As we wrap another challenging year, here are the best work advice that therapists gave in 2021. And how to decline invitations when you are too shy to say no!

F for Fashion

Emily in Paris fans, here is how you can shop the favorite looks of season 2. Also check this new pants trend for a change.

F for Fitness

Try this HIIT body workout in the living room, no need to hit the gym!

F for Food

Leftovers are made to be enjoyed! try this pantone French toast by the queen Nigella Lawson.

Happy new year and see you next week!

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