Re adjusting to a new environment is a bit challenging, especially when you are not yet settled. I am not in vacation mood since practically it is a long stay with my family, and meanwhile I am trying to search for an opportunity here and taking the fashion styling course so it is kind of busy. In the same time, my mind wanders to what is going back home, in Lebanon, stressful times and we cannot but pray for a way out soon.

As we are being encouraged to take the Booster shots, get to know what protection does it give you. Gatherings and celebrations are the things that we missed the most, but how to socialize safely in the booster era?

F for Fun

We are approaching the end of the year, check the best 2021 books maybe you find a suitable gift fro your bookworm.

F for fashion

There are many deals now to sop, not to forget the huge sales to expect on January. Keep up with the must haves when you shop. here are the denim trends 2022 and check pantone spring summer colors.

F for Fitness

These holidays, don’t forget to move. It doesn’t have to be in gym. Home workouts are so practical, try these no equipment exercises and stay Fit!

F for Food

Stay warm with this must try Minestrone recipe, mamma mia! Not to overlook the love of cookies!

See you next week!

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