As we are crossing the endless tunnel, we are waiting, hoping, praying for the light to shine soon. No further words to say.

One thing is that now more than ever, we need humanity, we need compassion, we need ethic and we need to stand by each others. Keep checking what are the ways to help. Lebanon needs us.

The delta variant is affecting children and USA is witnessing a surge in the hospitalization rate for kids and adults below 50 years old. Meanwhile an influencer is getting backlashes on being out and about while she was exposed to COVID.PEEPS some social responsibility is not bad! ever did at home COVID test/ take a look on what are the available options that are approved for international travel.

F for Fun/ facts

Apparently it is written in the stars now, the rebellion in us will be released to end whatever is not serving you as Uranus is in retrograde till January 2022. Read more about it here.

F for Fashion/ Beauty

What stress does to the body is not to be ignored, but there are always ways to minimize the effect on your health and beauty! Try these face yoga moves for a free home spa experience. This week, I recommend you to check the sohaticare app a they are running interesting offers and don’t forget to use my code PTITNFIT10!

F for Fitness

Tensed shoulders? No problemo, here are 5 shoulders stretches and exercises to help you. Now BREATHE.

F for Food

Grilling seaon is not over, here is the delicious chimichurri recipe to serve with your steak, and keep it healthy by cooking Broccoli the right way.

See you next week!

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La Petite

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