September, I have a weird relationship with this month, ever since school days, it was a love hate kind of feeling. Excitement for a new season, mixed with some nostalgia that aches the heart. That summer slipping from our fingers. And while many get excited over the gloomy days and crisp wind, I don’t look forward to such moments!

Now that most schools are re-opening their doors, parents check this back to school routine and see how you can keep your kids safe from COVID. In Covid latest nws, WHO investigation found that COVID was most likely transmitted from animals to Humans dismissing the lab theory. Meanwhile may countries are now considering third shot boosters for age range older than 65 and vulnerable people.

F for fun /facts

Wondering how often should you post on instagram? Learn more about this as per your goal. In other news, Tiktok is introducing its own version of stories, so check if your account is in the testing group.

F For fashion / beauty

Ok maybe one thing can get me thrilled about seasonal change! Outfits and hair transformation! check the latest fall hair trends and hair colors. who else but J.Lo to get us hyped!

F for Food

Nothing beats the smell of a home bakes cake, and for your indulgence, try this swedish chocolate mud cake recipe or this delicious vegan brownie recipe by LIVESANDFORKS

F for Fitness

If you are looking to shape your thigs, buttocks and calves, lateral lunges are your answer. As long as you are moving!

See you next week!

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