Who has some good news to cheer us up?! In desperate need with all the news around, and it is not about watching them from far, worse is living them. However in the midst of these chaotic times, grasp into faith, as Allah SWT is dedicating his angels on earth to be the soothing balm, god Bless.

To have a summary of what is going on in the world right now, check this informative thread.

In other news, USA officially declared the distribution of booster shots for both Pfizer and Moderna while many states are re enforcing masks mandate even for vaccinated people.

F for facts

This week, one fact to know, we are all accountable of helping, the least to spread information on the initiatives that are there. Please check what Jessica Kahawaty, icanbymaysa, meghterbin Mejtem3in, Wrapped in dignity, thecurlytalk, riridada and many others are doing, keep your eyes on my stories as I am trying to share as possible.

F for fitness

One thing I would encourage you to keep is the physical activity for both your mood and health. Try these workouts when you are sore, keep moving🥰

F for fashion / beauty

Which one to choose: anti prespirant vs deodorant? Know the difference and definitely don’t skip😝. My favorite these days is the one by Yllume, which also slows hair growth, shop yours from Sohaticare suing code PTITNFIT10

F for Food

Indulge in this vegan chocolate cookie by Samarasfood, and send a batch for me!

See you next week!

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