Staying sane in these days is a hard job, it requires all the mental power, life lessons, motivational quotes and faith to hang on. Our days consist now of waiting, for electricity to come, for dollar rate to settle, for prices to stabilize, for fuel and gaz and and and. We used to praise this country for its beautiful weather and nature, for the hospitality, the food and the serenity we had by living here. Now it seems like living in hell. Maybe the only way out is being out, leaving it and reminiscing about how our life was before this tragedy.

And misery loves company, after fires in Lebanon, fires started in Turkey and Algeria as well as Greece.Not to forget Palestine and only Allah can help.

Covid cases are skyrocketing everywhere and Lebanon is not spared. I urge you just to be mindful, keep your distance and your masks on.

F for fun

While we are in desperate need of distraction, check these Friends facts to know if you are a die hard fan!

F for Fashion

Copenhagen fashion week is back and is serving us with beautiful styles and colors. While waiting for full review next week, check my latest reels with the long shorts styles!

F for fitness

The love is real for Pialtes, an efficient way to target all you muscles with these exercises and end the workout with the challenging plank moves.

F for food

Leave it to Jessica Kahawaty to make you drool with her love for food, and besides the mouthwatering creation for Mamarita, she is now sharing her Italian vacation experience and lately a pasta recipe tdf!

See you next week!

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