Spring who?! Rain lovers rejoice with a cold wintery week, hopefully the last one so we can enjoy a proper spring with sunny days that would lift the mood. How are you guys holding up? 

I celebrated another month of MEDHOMECARE, another proud moment where I am in awe of the support and the feedback which takes away all the exhaustion. I am so thrilled of what is coming and I cannot express how thankful I am to be able to assist in any way to make the pain go away and how grateful I am for your trust.

In covid news, a new study in Denmark covered the covid re infection cases, China approved a fourth vaccine  for emergency use, and Astrazeneca is getting over the claims against it, we even received in Lebanon shots to be used by the private sector.

F for Fun

Who is up to an adventurous trip, the world longest roller coaster is now open in KSA. Enjoy the thrill and I will simply watch from far!

F for Food

What is your cup of tea? get to know yours as per your zodiac sign. And prepare these churros to go with!

F for Fitness

Work the glutes and don’t skip stretches after (I am guilty of that:(

F for Fashion

Say hello to 60 and 70s spring trends from disco collars to minskirts,  circle skirts yellow sunglasses and more. Pick what suits your taste!

Look 7 in Tom Ford's Spring 2021 Ready-to-wear collection.

See you next week!

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La Petite

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