I learned throughout the years, motivation comes within. When you look around, no one is ok, and I am not exaggerating saying that. You ask your friends, colleagues, family members each is going through something. Needless to point out that in Lebanon it is far more than the COVID crisis, and things add up.
You stand infront of two choices, give up or take your life in charge even if you can’t change the circumstances, change your reaction. Prioritize your mental health and reach out for help.

WHO research on the origin of COVID is still ongoing where four scenarios are discussed, while China is leaning more to the theory of transmission via a carrier animal to human, WHO researchers did not rule out yet the accident in the lab theory. Countries are still hoping to reach her immunity but this time in a less brutal way, however the majority of the population should be vaccinated and this include kids. Talking about vaccines, is it possible to predict the symptoms you would get if you get infected with covid from the side effects when you get vaccinated.

F for Fun 

Did you hop on the reels trend or not yet, check the differences and similarities between Reels and tiktok. Check my first Reels and let me know what you think!

F for Fashion (Beauty)

Spring cleaning should definitely include your skincare and makeup. Learn more about shelf life for each type. Then fill your shopping card with one of these 5 spring trends, I personally loved the lilac!

F for Food

What is in season this spring and what recipes can you do with each? I am personally digging in that Strawberry and Arugula Salad with Spring Herbs and Goat Cheese

F for Fitness

Full body workout to get you even more excited for Spring. When you can’t find the energy, create it!

See you next week!

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