Medhomecare is already one month old! A simple idea that is now growing and how proud are we to be able to serve the way we want, patients and families, I would love your support by following our pages : facebook  and instagram. Make sure to stay tuned for our latest offers too.

The vaccination process in Lebanon is giving some of us hope to overcome these hard days by minimizing the severe effects of covid-19 on patients, there is still a long way to reach there yet we can only wait and see if the promises will be delivered. Talking about vaccines, some countries are already requesting vaccination proof for visitors. What are your thoughts in that regard? For those who has the vaccine, are there long haul symptoms too?

F for Facts

Who knew that eyeglasses can give you advantages! A new study shared that eyeglasses wearers are less likely to catch corona. Here is the nitty gritty. However if you happen to catch Covid on your vacation to Bahamas, this resort has a pleasant surprise to you!

F for Fitness

What started as home workout trend became a habit for most of you. And I am here to recommend as usual different workout ideas so here are full body exercises for today. And Fitness by Dee arms workout!

F for Food

Who loves cookies? Who loves cookies for breakfast? Who loves easy recipes?! If you answered ME ME for all the questions than you would love this 5 ingredients breakfast cookie.

F for Fashion

It is that time of the year again. Fashion month kicked with Milan to show us the hottest trends for FW2021, yep, let us dream of new seasons and get excited of better days maybe post vaccine! Emporio Armani relived the 80s glory and pom poms, loungewear, sequin and graphic shapes. Moschino presented a short film, a show within a show, with lady daily life pre lockdown! travel, business and fun tweed and skirt suits oh and flamingo gloves! Prada embraces a new normal and celebrates it with electric colors, puff sleeves and sequins. Fendi story was retold by Kim Jones using neutral shades, fringes, silk and recycled fur. Max Mara celebrated 70 years, bomber jacket in camel cashmere, classic teddy bear coat and green velvet quilted mantle, 

See you next week!

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