Spring slowly crawling its way to our days, rays of sunshine dipped with rain drops, and a soft breeze that caresses our faces with warmth and joy. It is my favorite season and as i sit waiting for it to start officially, I am carrying on with my healing journey that is long yet I am determinant with the proper help to cross it, surrounded by those who matter. Mental health is a priority, and I would never fool myself or you with fake positive attitude.


Many questions come to mind about life after being vaccinated, so take a look about what is safe to do after taking the shot? And what are the differences to spot between the new covid variants. 

F for Facts/Fun

Are you back to the office or still WFH? In both cases you can’t avoid an argument with a coworker, here are seven different types that you might have to deal with! 

F for Food

It is Strawberry season so I picked for you a crunchy salad recipe using them for a change. And yes it has feta!

F for Fitness

Warmer days can boost your motivation to workout I hope! 20 minutes to shape the abs and spare some time for this celebrity approved butt workout!

F for Fashion

Carrying on with the fashion shows this week with Milan, London and Paris, Chloe  collection  “Aphrodite” focused more and more on sustainability by re using fabrics from previous collections, patchwork and puffy collars, marble prints using egg shells and seaweed, and a hint to chakra healing with necklaces. Oscar de la renta re experimented flower pressing techniques and embroideries with a less formal touch to match the lockdown attire, Dolce and Gabbana recalled the “Life in plastic” with kaleidoscopic high-tech materials and nostalgic flashbacks to the 90s. Valentino opened new possibilities in fashion with a more personal collection of black and whites, capes and nets and a romantic statement pushing us to be who we are. Etro reflected the new freedom we live today in dressing up, indoor or outdoor, business and leisure, and a new style for etro with leggings and bomber jackets and more contemporary looks. Carolina Herrera celebrated their 40 years anniversary with hearts as they main motif of the collection and definitely the pouf shoulders. And finally fragile rebel biker girls and ballerinas with Simone Rocha’s collection with satin flowers and asymmetric tulle.

See you next week!

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La Petite

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