As the lockdown is extended for another round in Lebanon, as for many other countries, and even though this is driving us crazy, it feels weird to be back to anything we used to do before. Every step out is a thrill that is mixed with fear, excitement and joy. Like an alien touching base on earth!

What was filling my days and my heart lately was a new baby project that I started with a friend Nurse of mine. Medhomecare was born as we both wanted a platform to support families and health care providers as well as alleviate some of the overwhelming pressure on the health care system.
We are working not only to provide high quality medical care at home, we focus on the psychological support of overwhelmed families and patients. If you are a healthcare provider who would like to join our team, a laboratory who would like to collaborate, or a patient who needs any of our services, we are here to listen and exchange!

Off to Miss Rona news, first things first, whether you are pro vaccine or anti vaxxer, here is a detailed comparison between the different vaccines and it includes their efficiency against the mutants too. Again I need to repeat, taking the vaccine or being already infected doesn’t change the fact that you still HAVE to take precautions, here is a new study about the efficiency of double masking.
For those who have recovered thankfully from the virus, some are still experiencing long term symptoms that linger for months, check more about it here. And finally, an ongoing concern over the mutants and their contagious level which is detailed here.

F for fun / facts

Another mesmerizing Arab achievements lead by UAE with it’s hope mission to Mars where the probe is willing to study many aspects including climate and weather.

Photo by Tom Leishman on

F for food

Now that everybody is busy searching for the perfect Quaren-tine day meal, check this succulent pasta recipe with tip on how to caramelize the mushrooms, and creative carrot recipes.

Photo by Katerina Holmes on

F for fashion

Hello new collaborations that will boost you to get dressed again, besides my daily ootd inspo that I share with you:P, H&M collab with Simone Rocha, Bridgerton fans where are you at, mark your calendars for a baroque inspired romanticism fashion items starting March 11th for women, men and children.

F for Fitness

Don’t just lose the motivation to workout, it takes a small push for you to be the best fit version of you. In a world where health is your alley to protect you! So let us move the lower body with this workout. I am your accountability buddy!

See you next week!

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