A new year, a fresh start, poor 2021 as many have high expectations from it, to have the long awaited relief, the magic stick that will turn all last year’s miseries into happiness. They year where the vaccine will end the COVID invasion, where a normal life will be resumed. Yet I wouldn’t support such idea.
Instead, I invite us all, to have a fresh look, to move on with the lessons that we learned last year, and seize the opportunity to start fresh, adapting to what life throws as challenges and strive no matter how big the obstacles were.

How can a Friday post be without an information about Corona virus! Here is what covid taught us about immunity. There are now many countries that started giving the vaccine shots and there are some discussions about the delay between the two doses, get the details here.

F for Fun 

For those who are still not travelling, and for those who resumed their trips and are wondering what to watch during their trip, here is how the airlines choose the movies that will entertain you during your flight.

F for Fashion (Beauty)

If you suffer like me form thin hair, check how you can style it to fake a volume that you don’t even have! #hairgoals anyone!

F for Fitness

Get rid of the stiffness with this glutes and hips workout or eve try this Stress relieving workout. Much needed in these days.

F for food

How about filling the house with cinnamon aroma and start the year with a sweet note with these cinnamon rolls? And this delicious chocolate cake recipe by Rock_in_pots

See you next week!

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