First of all, Merry Christmas to all of you beautiful souls, may you be showered with blessings and gifts and love and mostly HEALTH.

I have been MIA and that was not for a good reason unfortunately.  For those who follow me, you already know that we have been worried and occupied by my mother’s health. A healthy lady who got hit, yes hit, hard by Corona virus infection that harmed her lungs badly to a point she is not being able to breathe on her own. She has been in the hospital for almost a month and half, in the intensive care unit and intubated since three weeks. As I type these words she is undergoing tracheostomy (moving the respiratory tube to her trachea). I can’t even put in words how she must feel, and what we are going through. I promise to open up in a post where I also share about my Covid infection experience.


Meanwhile, I would like to thank you for your constant support, and your genuine care. I still need your prayers, please let it come from the heart, and may Allah SWT answer our prayers with a miraculous speedy recovery for mom.

Hope rays started to break through the darkness that COVID created this year, we need to hold on to some positivity, and yes, for once have some expectations from the vaccines and the trials done.

F for Facts

Are you pro vaccine or against it? check how it actually works and what are the claims  and side effects before making your decision. For those who have recovered, be careful, you could get infected again, here is what you need to know. And finally get to know the different quarantine requirements and what they mean.


F for food

How to choose your espresso based on your sign?! Mocha for me it seems! Or maybe you can choose your soup as per your zodiac sign! Again roots vegetables for me!


F for Fitness

A core workout that will make your abs scream yet shape! A healthy lifestyle can be your weapon to fight any sickness so make sure to stay active even during the holidays.

F for Fashion

Get cozy with these sweaters from your favorite shops. Stay warm and beautiful.

Stay safe until next week.

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La Petite

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