As announced last week, a total lockdown will be effective starting tomorrow and till November 30th. This includes a curfew which starts at 5 pm and car circulation as per plate number (odd and even). Unfortunately it doesn’t sound promising as the exceptions again are way too many! So please, be conscious and responsible, keep your distance, wear your masks, wash your hands and stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with anyone tested positive.

WHO team is at the final stage of research for tracing the source of Covid 19 virus in Wuhan, read all the information that you need to know about Pfizer’s vaccine that is showing to be 90% effective and finally what is the link between Covid19 and vit D deficiency.

F for Fun

Did you know that new terms are now used in dating! Covid dating terms are a thing! And after all this stress from covid, check these wellness rituals from around the world.

F for Fashion /beauty

Night skincare routine is not similar to the day one, check what are the differences and for those who are suffering from maskne, take a look at this DIY recipe of  honey face mask for a glowing pure skin.

F for Food

Try this healthy smoothie  for an energy and immunity boosting breakfast then balance it with these 5 cookie recipes from LA bakery for a sane day!

F for Fitness

When it comes to core strength, which between Yoga and Pilates is more effective? And if cooling down is what you need, let all the stress out with this 4 moves workout!

See you next week!

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