Another week and another round of weird decisions in the frame of covid response, this time it was about isolating the infected areas, and guess what, nothing was implemented on site, the municipalities were against it and most of them declared that they are not ready nor equipped to monitor. 

Unfortunately, many exemptions from the decisions, and to be honest, there are not even effective as there is no proper way of monitoring. The number of cases n Lebanon is skyrocketing and while some are hardly experiencing loss of taste and smell, others are passing away.

I cannot stress enough on the importance of awareness and responsibility that each individual should assume. If you are curious to know here is the order of covid symptoms, when to tell people if you have been exposed to covid and how soon should you get tested if you have been exposed. And finally get to know more about the covid passport that is being tested in several airports,

F for Fun

Following the trendiest show these days on Netflix (haven’t watched it yet “sigh”) here is a funny summary of the most basic american girl things in Emily in Paris.e5cb06d811413122ff68f49667c357db3f-emily-in-paris.rsquare.w1200

F for Food

Fall rhymes with pumpkin spice! Starbucks pumpkin bread recipe at your demand or you can try my very healthy tasty pumpkin muffin recipe!

Pumpkin Muffin

F for Fitness

It is time to spice up your workout too, with this 10 minutes dumble workout, in case you don’t have dumbles, grab two litre water bottles and enjoy!

Namaste moment

F for Fashion

Paris fashion week came to an end, in a bit deceiving way for some shows, and awe moments for others. Schiaparelli “psycho chic” daywear, seductive and timeless Hermes collection, hope collection in white and Olympic inspiration for Thom Brown, feminist warriors with Paco Rabanne, an elegant Givenchy lady,  a new Giambattista Valli logo interlocking his G and V initials inspired by 18th-century porcelain and the crests forged in the cast iron gates of grand Italian homes (vogue interview), actresses’s modern life inspiration for Chanel, gender less Louis Vuitton collection, Miu Miu effortless dressing, Christopher John rogers’ Joy and simplicity and escaping into clothes with Loewe.

See you next week!

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