Starting this week with Fun autumn fact, while the squirrels work so hard during summer to get ready with buried seeds for winter days, the poor ones end up not finding the majority of the seeds!

Better start the weekend with a smile as nothing around is promising much. This week we were courageous enough my friend and I to step inside the same Sip on a Tuesday, to take the selfie that we never had the chance to, to finish the drinks that we never had, to feel a sense of warmth in the place where life changes and stopped. Would it help me resume? I was feeling my heart beating so hard I almost fainted, I was scared and alert, yet I felt home, I loved to see the familiar faces and most of us by the way were there that day. It is weird how we share experiences even without talking, only glances of “are you ok” and “it is good to see you”. I didn’t walk in Gemmayze as I was in pain, but I am definitely willing to be back.


Miss Rona news this week are about the corona virus sniffing dogs in Finland and UAE which are now in the airports, and why are babies more resilient to Covid19 and how to avoid getting infected when you travel.

F for Fun

Coke and Pepsi competition doesn’t stop, while Coke develops an espresso flavor, Pepsi is developing a  new drink called Driftwell infused with “natural sleep aids” like lavender, chamomile, and magnesium. 

F for Fashion

Another round of Fashion week. The creativity blowing the mind, Elie Saab Hymne à la vie transported us to the Lebanese mountains, contrasting roughness and delicatesse translated in his designs, Maria Grazia took the inspiration from the Gothic glass to interpret it in prints and textures for Dior show, Valentino reinterpreted the classic brand icons with a twist and a theatrical show, cardboard models to showcase JW anderson collection,  Moschino taking social distancing to a serious level with their marionette show, Versace inviting Churro the virtual octopus to start the show, feminine silhouette with Ferragamo, Philosophy got us excited for picnic, lessons learned from the quarantine in relevance to fashion with Armani, Isabel Marant rocked the runway with dancers and color blocking, Balmain’s skyrocket statement shoulders were to die for, Chloe’s models strolling down the Seine with message of hope and Carolina Herrera’s refined silhouette worn with brogues and flats.



isabel marant00009-Balmain-RTW-Spring-21hope00028-Carolina-Herrera-RTW-Spring-21

F for Food

Happy international coffee day, here is what you need to know while you sip your very expensive Weasel Vietnamese coffee! The “origin” will leave you in awe:P

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[ Production de Café ☕ – Dalat – Vietnam ] . Je poste cette photographie car ce jour là, j'ai beaucoup appris sur le fameux Kopi Luwak! . Le Vietnam est l'un des plus grands producteurs de café. Et il produit notamment l'un des meilleurs : le café civette! . ⚠️ Âmes sensibles s'abstenir… C'est en effet grâce à la fermentation qui se crée durant la digestion de ces charmantes belettes que l'on obtient ce goût si délicat. Grossièrement, les Vietnamiens récupèrent les grains de café dans leurs excréments puis les laissent sécher et les traitent.Oui oui, je sais dit comme cela, ça vend du rêve 😂 . En tout cas, il est excellent ! J'ai ainsi pu visiter la ferme et comprendre tout le processus de production du Kopi Luwak! . Alors une petite tasse, ça vous tente? . [ English Below ] . [Coffee Production ☕ – Dalat – Vietnam] . I post this photograph because that day, I learned a lot about the famous Kopi Luwak! . Vietnam is one of the largest coffee producers. And it produces one of the best: civet coffee! . ⚠️ Sensitive souls abstain … It is indeed thanks to the fermentation that is created during the digestion of these charming weasels that we obtain this delicate taste. Roughly, the Vietnamese recover the coffee beans in their excrement then let them dry and treat them. Yes, I know said like that, it sells the dream 😂 . In any case, it is excellent! I was able to visit the farm and understand the whole production process of Kopi Luwak! . So a little cup, do you like it?

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F for Fitness

I started months back to incorporate regular yoga practice twice a week. Here are some yoga poses to aid your digestion and release the tension from sitting down alot WFH with these hip stretches


See you next week!

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