In the frame of Mental health awarness month, let me start this week by a wellness tip from Planoly:

Carving out time to do something that brings you joy is essential for self-care

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of October 17th revolution, needless to say what happened since then. An awakening of the citizens was not enough, and till now, we are stuck in a vicious circle of country drowning and Nero”s”burning a city, country in our case, to stay in control.

In this week news about Miss Rona, here are the Riskiest halloween activity in corona times, get your zzz dose to reduce the risk of infection, and how long is Covid contagious?

F for Fun

What if we re imagine all the favorite series in fairytale style? One artist did that and we can’t but feel nostalgic!

F for Fashion

Mango best fall pieces and their wfh collection is tdf. Now that we have to adapt our closet for the ongoing lockdown situation! Quarantine but make it fashion!

F for fitness 
Stress relief yoga poses come the handiest in these days!
07C28F62-CD47-407C-A5FA-5D1341176ECEF for food
Eating seasonal produce is the best to profit from their benefits. Check this month’s favorites by Tina

See you next week!

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