It is the month of love, single, too young to be with someone, already in a love relationship or you just had your share, I have only one word for you, love yourself and pamper yourself at any occasion. Value yourself to teach others to do it.

In a society that is now lead by weird values and lots of bullying, you can easily fall in the trap of demoralization and low self esteem. Valentine or not, every day is an occasion to renew your vows with yourself by committing to mindfulness and care. This is by no way an anti Valentine post, more than a lesson well learned how you have to lead by example especially wen t comes to how others treats you .

F for Fashion

How can we not talk about glamour when the past week have filled us with red carpet looks and runway shows. So get inspired for your night out and pick your favorite Oscars look and after party as well as fun moments  in between!

Arab designers lead the red carpet

Moving to the most stunning autumn winter 2020 fashion shows in the frame of the NYFW, check the full reviews here  and here.

Courtesy of manrepeller, here are on sentences reviews of some of the shows. This year we noticed the rebellious women of Khaite, a grown up attempt at embodying the modern woman with Oscar de la renta, Little Women but make it fashion with Brock, square-toe shoes are coming back in a more mainstream way as seen in Tory Burch. A genuine expression of joy and artistry show with Christopher John Rogers, a ton of tartan baked into suiting and lots of mens tweed with Monse and punk and candy-colored clothes with Christian Siriano.

Christian Siriano
Carolina Herrera
Oscar de la renta

F for fun

Now for the fun side, and this time for all the single peeps out there. Here are fun ways to celebrate valentine by yourself. Alert shopping card needed!

beverage breakfast close up cocoa
Photo by Pixabay on

F for fitness

A beautiful shape in the make! When it comes to toning your core muscles, you should consider not only the six packs, but also the obliques. Perfrom a circuit using 6-8 of these exercises and enjoy being sore after!

Reformer pilates

F for food

Who says you have to spend hours cooking the perfect meal. For those who are celebrating over candle homey dinner, here are sheet pan recipes that are ready within 30 minutes. P.S. I accept delivery of the fav meal!

Baked Salmon


See you next week!

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