Few years back, I was so passionate about Hiking, I still am but let us say I was more committed, and this allowed me to discover breathtaking locations in Lebanon. Areas that make you stand in awe and disbelief that they are in our country and we have never seen them.


Along the way, there are the areas near us, that we have grown accustomed to, and when comes the chance to rediscover them, many surprises await us.

I am a Lebanese from West Bekaa, I grew up and this area and enjoyed my childhood there, growing up in the village gave allowed me to connect with nature, appreciate the small things away from screens.


When Krystel from notes of a traveler invited me to re-discover few villages in west bekaa with Darb el Karam project by Food heritage foundation, I was so thrilled.

We spent a day filled with activities that can be suitable for families with kids too, you can contact Food heritage foundation to customize yours.

Starting our engines required a good hefty breakfast in Saghbine, and leave it to Forn Al habib to impress you with their manakish saj, home made labne and cheese. You can not miss their harra mix and make sure to stock before you leave on their tannour bread.

Fresh white cheese
Saj Kishk


It was time to taste some labne ambareez and get to know how it is done; Amal Al Gharib association is dedicated to support local mouneh producers, from Kishk to ambareez, sumac and other mouneh baladeyi. The know how of the ladies is being saved and transferred to generations.

All the yogurt is collected
The old women blessing

We moved after that to the old wineries; down in the valleys, the pressing was done with the rocks and some improvised techniques that are now being restored. We listened to the stories as told by our guide.

By the lake


Apple jam anyone?! Yep we also learned how to do it from scratch. Wash your apples, peel and core them, add 2 cups of sugar for one cup of apples, and stir them, add aromatic plant and some cirtus acid toward the end and ENJOY!

Peel the apples
Grate the apples
Add sugar and make sure a cat is watching!


No day is complete without a tradional lebanese lunch. Chez noha is a guest house managed by Noha who has turned her passion to receive and cook into this space.

A cute little garden and lots of love, in this beautiful setting we had a spread to please the eyes and tummy. Fattoush, mjaddara with lots of caramelized onions, mezze, Kebbet batata on charcoal and to end this homemade tartes filled with homemade jam, ENOUGH SAID.

Kebbet potato
Lebanese spread

Ending the day, watching sunset near the lake and yes it was magical. Oh wait, the sweet end had to be with goat milk ice cream which you should taste.

Make sure to try his ice cream

A day well spent is a boost for many weeks of content, so book your tour now.

The gang

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3 thoughts on “Travel Guide: How to spend one day in West bekaa: Darb el Karam

  1. You are the only website on the internet to talk about ambareez 🙂
    That is awesome that you got to eat it, did you get a recipe on how it is made?


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