Who said Fashion month is over, did I? NAH we had also our share this week with Designers and Brands fall edition.

It started with the launch party this Sunday and many talented designers showcased their collections over three days.

DandB launch party

I was happy to attend the shows of the talented Rani Zakhem, Nemer Saade and Elham Al Youssef and sadly missed the other shows.


Last Saturday, I went to the health and fitness event that was organized by I Have learned Academy. It included several sessions of which I attended the biological clock. We learned about the rhythm in which our body functions during the 24 hours such as the highest level of concentration between 10 am and 12 pm, the ultimate lunch time between 12 and 1 pm, snack at 4 pm, melatonin secretion between 7 pm and 9 pm and many interesting information.


F for Fashion

It is time to fall proof your closet and I have got your back. Check my latest post about the major fall trends that will get you all thrilled for the new season.



F for fun

In the past years, there was a drop in the traditional french cafés from 200000 to 50000. Aiming to save this cultural side, the government supported a NGO to save and revive cafés in rural areas. Read more here.

Flat lay of the day


F for Fitness /health

With the stressful routine and the digestion problems that generation Z is facing, here are the important facts to know about the gastro intestinal problems to treat them and / or prevent them more efficiently.

Photo by Vegan Liftz on Pexels.com


F for food

Talking about healthy, here is the list of fruits and vegetables that should be consumed daily. What is your favorite?

Daily dose of fruits

See you next week!

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