It has been almost two months that I am away from writing in the blog. What we witnessed in Lebanon has taken me on a rollercoaster ride that left me dizzy and with emotionally exhausted.

It all started with erupting fires that have devoured many forests and risked lives. We stood desperate as citizens waiting for help to save what could be saved.

One week after, the whole population was boiling from anger and disapproval, of continuous violation of our simple rights. It was not about the whatsapp tax, it was the eruption of a dormant volcano. It was us being fedup.

Here we are, 2 months later, we have hit the bottom, economically and emotionally. Between a stubborn system and a rightful revolution, no one is ready to back up.

The revolution has achieved many milestones while facing violent attacks, rotten mindset and lots of unfairness.

On a brighter note, the Lebanese are all standing united, many might not be pro-revolution, but the other majority are fighting fiercely for their rights.

Women are playing major role, so is the young generation including the students.

One voice, one goal. There is a long tunnel ahead, but there is light at the sweet end. The phoenix will rise and Lebanon will be, the country we have hoped for, as it should be and as we deserve.

This  Friday, let me twist things by sharing  a revolution edition.

F for Fann ( art!)

One of the many things that the Lebanese are known for, is their creativity. The art of thawra  is collecting all the beautiful work, and currently you can visit the expo where you can purchase items inspired by art of thawra and the profits will go to those in need


F for Female

The Lebanese ladies are not only elegant and smart, they are also fierce fighters for their rights and have been an important element on this revolution. Here are the real women of thawra!

F for Fun

And again how can we lack the humor side, in the end, as one of the main slogans in the revolution was We are the happiest depressed people! Enjoy some funny thawra tweets  

F for Facts

If you want to have summary of the daily events during the revolution, check the leb.hsitorian . 

Another interesting page is daleelthawra which highlights the main talks and meetings happening each day.

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76 years ago, our unity lead to us to the victory. Somewhere in the way we lost faith, we got divided, we fought one another, we drowned in secularism and hate, we reached the bottom. 76 years later, the Phoenix has risen, from the fire sparkled faith and power, united we stood together, to break the chains and barriers that have separated us and here we are building a new country, one we want to come back to, grow old in, where we live decently and proudly. We are changing the present, to have a better history and future. Lessons are learned, from here we are only walking toward the best. Happy REAL independence LEBANON. من ٧٦ سنة، نجحنا بتحرير لبنان من قيد الإحتلال مرقنا بفترات ظلام و قتال لوصلنا للحضيض من بعد ٧٦ سنة، طير الفينيق رجع عاش، و النار أشعلت إيمان بالوطن، توحّدنا بالسّاحات، و كسّرنا الحواجز اللي فرّقتنا. سوا عم نرجع نبني بلدنا من جديد، لنرجع نعيش و نكبر في. عم نرسم الحاضر ليصير ماضينا و مستقبلنا أفضل. تعلّمنا، و من ١٧ تشرين الأوّل طوينا صفحة لنمشي لكل شي أفضل. كل عام و استقلالنا حقيقي 🇱🇧 . . . . . #ptitnfit #mylebanon #lebanontimes #لبنان #بيروت #youarepowerful #shootandshare #visualscollective #photooftheday #photosinbetween #portraitamazing #revolution #thoughtoftheday #socialmedianews #lebanon_hdr #street_photography #lebanon #lebaneserevolution

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We all need to stay informed about our rights and also to know how we can reach our goals while understanding the current situation.

And last but not least, it is important to focus on the compassion and support everyone is showing to those in need. Together we are stronger.

May this be the rise of the new Lebanon.

Long Live Lebanon.

See you next week!

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La Petite

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