Horray to another week that included beach day!

This week with Undiz team in Lebanon, we had fun in the sun. As they say, good vibes happen at the tides!


Besides that, the week was sealed with a store opening: Mavi in the newly opened Centromall.


Now let us see what is new this week?

F for Fun

Instagram, what else! There was some hysteria on Wednesday when the platform, as well as facebook and whatsaap, broke down! Well done twitter!

While things are settling back to place, get to know the insta stories new feature and how you can use it! ” Join Chat”

polaroid camera
Instagram old logo; Photo by Milly Eaton on Pexels.com


F for food

I am a big fan of fruits of any kind and shape. We are graced to have a variety each season, and summer is the best of course. Stones fruits are not only enjoyed raw, you can get creative and amaze your guests!

apricot fruits on bowl
Photo by Lum3n.com on Pexels.com

F for fashion

It is couture week baby! Fashion week in Paris is an awaited  celebration of creativity that has no equal.
We are proud of our Lebanese designers, chinese inspiration for Elie Saab’s , Moroccan to Zuhair Mourad’s, Rabih Keyrouz 20th anniversary, Ziad Nakad, Rami Kadi, Azzi and Osta and the list is endless.
International designers rocked the scenes too; Maison Valentino and Chanel, Ralph and Russo and the most jaw dropping Dior.


F for Fitness

Are you guilty of yoyo dieting? Do you stress your body in extreme diets when you are desperate to lose some extra kgs? get to know what your body reaction is when you do so. So bear in mind what I always recommend, say No to diet and Yes to a healthy lifestyle!

healthy food
Credits to My republica

See you next week!

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La Petite



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