Dreading the heat, sweat and humidity (bye bye good hair days) it was practically a good week. Here is a small summary of things I did since last Friday!

I attended the opening of Ipekol via pointout agency in City Centre Beirut. The brand is Turkish and I loved many items including accessories!


Ipekol City Centre

Finally I had my long pool day at Le Palmier in the Marina of Movenpick courtesy of The Agenda Beirut. A small pool, mainly adults are welcome; the refreshing drinks and menu are on another level. I was amazed!


Pink Lemonade by the pool

I had a pampering facial treatment at Georgette Richa’s institute; this time we did microneedling and I am happily enjoying the glow!


Post microneedling, no filter needed

I was also happy to attend the opening of DEP.OT fashion house in Verdun and the season opening of Broumana Villa.

DE.POT Verdun

Now let us see what are the interesting links for this week!

F for Food 

Not any regular one! You know I am not usually a big fan of detox drinks and would not buy much the idea of one drink melting the fat away. But I have been an avid drinker of vinegar lemon water and I love how it makes me feel: flushing the toxins and clearing the skin; it is also refreshing first thing in the morning and thirst quencher . Read more about it here.

Some Honey


F for Fashion

Once you know your body type, it is essential to assess the Dos and Don’t when it comes to your outfit. If you have a short torso like me, here are few things to know. Though for me I would still wear few stuff like the high waste 😛 and I don’t like the drop waist !

F for Fun

Do you like reading on paperback or e-book? I am personally more of paper book reader, so check this creative idea in London! Short stories to be printed out for free while waiting your train! get the nitty gritty  details here 

white ceramic teacup with saucer near two books above gray floral textile
Photo by Thought Catalog on Pexels.com


F for Fitness

Long sitting hours by your desk are not only devastating for your mental health but also for you overall wellness. Check these three barre exercises that you can do without leaving your desk. And once home follow my barre workout!

See you next week!

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