Sinatra I hear you! I want to be part of it too!

Four hours or so from Boston and here I am, savoring the Big Apple, again!
Cherry blossom, magnolia, tulips, signs, people, oh how this city is alive.

Lets breakdown the trip, shall we?

The sleep
I was dreaming to book a loft, on a high floor and enjoy the views of the city, but I was a bit late in the planning, and prices were flying high, so I ended up booking in Hotel Vetiver, near the metro station, you can reach Times Square or any other destination in NYC. The breakfast was not included and I preferred it that way, I mean come on, I want to enjoy the taste of NYC.

The room had a balcony with the view of the city landmarks. The room is tidy and clean, no fridge though however it smelled too much like cleaning detergent!. As for their service, it was good.


The sights
This will be in two parts, the ones I visited during my first visit and the ones during this visit. Starting with the basics to cover if you have never been to NYC! From the world trade center, the Empire state Building and 9-11 Memorial as well as the Brooklyn park, you can choose which of these landmarks do you like to visit. But for me, the following has marked me till today.


The Statue of Liberty:
The gift from the Frenchies to the Americans, standing proudly and welcoming you to the land of freedom. You can book your ferry  through Statue Cruises, secure yourself in the beginning a spot near the edge to get a beautiful photo! You can also book a tour in Ellis Island as well as visit the crown.


Times square 
If there is any place to live the melting pot vibes of NYC, it should be this square. You can’t but feel like a child inside of amazing imaginary world. The huge billboards flashing all over, the buzzing street entertainment, shops, restaurants and kiosks. This is insanely beautiful and a must visit.

Central park
The breather of the city, this magical place that is just more than a park, each corner has a history. Many entrances just pick what you want to see! My first visit was during flaming hot July, so we went late afternoon, grabbed our popsicles and enjoyed the breeze strolling in different parts: flirting with the …Second visit, cherry blossom, so definitely that was the top priority, and oh how charming it was. We followed the map, until we reached it, squeezed some beautiful photos, listened to the street performances and had a relaxing afternoon!


Once you have a taste of that boho chi area, you just want to live there! The Parisian quartier of NYC. If you want to shop, the area bursts of the designer brands, the concept stores and the casual stores. For me, it was to have a taste in its beautiful cafes, rose scented and instagram proof scenes.

Whatever you do, you HAVE TO watch a Broadway or off Broadway show, it is just a must even THE most important part of visiting NYC.
You can book your tickets online of from the same theater where the show is playing but you can also secure good deals from Tkts which is located in Times Square too. I lived magical moments watching The phantom of the opera. Note that you cannot take any photo during the performance, you have around 20 minutes break and you are not allowed to bring any food inside!

Museum Of Modern Art
A collection of artists work from all around the world. Start in the fifth floor to view the display of Monet. Henri Rousseau, Picasso and many others. Move up one floor for more modern work and stroll in their boutique to take your souvenir.

New York Public Library
Whether you are a bookaholic or not, it is a must visit. the grandiose building with different rooms where you can stand in line to pick a book to read there or just perform research. Needless to say how quiet it is.

The taste

Pure Ktchn
If you are a vegan or just like to experiment in different cuisines, then you will like the place. So simple, take few stairs down, and the owners are there with an open busy kitchen to prepare a very healthy food in great portions too.

We tried
– Kale anise salad with distinctive almond feta: great combination of flavors from apples to goji berries and the maple dressing


-Tuna Burger: two patties: vegan and tuna over roasted peppers, and a whole wheat bun served with tortillas!


Pret a manger
On a rainy day, we all need the comfort of a warm drink with a cozy atmosphere which were served! Their latte was on point as well as the balanced flavored yogurt with blueberries.


Digg in and Maman NYC were the highlights of my stay, each deserved a post on its own. But let me tell you they are a must!

Ben and Jerry’s
We took advantage of the 20 minutes break while watching our Broadway show, to savor some ice cream. The service is average and the prices are high for what is served.


Though I avoid the HANGRY situation, our last day in NYC was so rushed and the lunch got delayed. This place serves daily platters with Cuban twist, the service is below acceptable, the food itself is not bad. I ordered a mix of veggies topped with Tilapia. I would not recommend it for the experience!

2018-04-25 13:22:15.117

It was not a good bye, but a see you very soon.

Once you fall under its charm, you are doomed forever in love with this city!

La Petite


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