After almost three years, it was time to be back to USA. A trip over three weeks, was distributed between Boston, New York, Tampa, Orlando and Lakeland, yep it was a long one!

The first stop was in Boston. It is one of the oldest cities in USA and capital of Massachusetts.

Fun Fact via Travel Trivia

Boston was once flooded by molasses. During World War I, molasses was used in making explosives. On January 15, 1919, a massive tank holding molasses ruptured, sending more than 2 million gallons of the substance spilling into the city. It submerged two city blocks and killed 21 people, making it one of the stranger events in Boston’s long history.

The city has a history that is still marked by many of its sites, it has also its renowned place in the higher education being home to Harvard and Boston University. It is also home for the Converse headquarters!

1- The flight

Converse team has taken in charge of many parts of my trip such as booking the ticket and the hotel. I was very happy to fly with Qatar airways as they have THE BEST service I ever witnessed during all my travels. It is a looooooooong flight: Around 4 hours from Beirut to Doha and 14 hours (12 on the way back) from Doha to Boston.

On board service, meal and entertainment are all designed to make the trip tolerable, it is so recommended.


2- The sleep

Unfortunately, this part was out of my hand and I did not enjoy the stay much in the Hilton Dedham Hotel: it is neat but it is very far from the center. And though it is near a station, I did not feel safe taking the commuter back at night.

The hotel itself is not bad, the breakfast buffet is good. The front desk are helpful, and the rooms are clean and spacious.


We were happy to spend the last night in Hilton Back Bay , a different standard and it is right in the center of the city, 10-15 minutes away form the airport, 10 minutes walking distance form the Prudential center  which was perfect.


I would advise making your search to find a good catch inside the city better than reserving in the suburbs and eventually paying the difference to taxis.

3- The drive

We were lucky to have an awesome friend in Boston, but when he was not available, we used uber and Lyft which is another similar application. We also used the commuter to get to the main station where you buy the ticket for less than 4 $ on board. There are passes if you are planning to take public transportation, here is a website that will help you.

4- When to go

It is one of the coldest cities, and two weeks before my arrival (which was in April 20th) there was a snow storm! Though we were lucky to have sunny weather for most of the days, it turned rainy towards the end. I would recommend planning your trip between May and September.

5- Top things to see

Boston Commons and Public garden:  Spring calls for Parks, and in Boston you wont be deceived. The commons Oldest Park dating from 1643 and the public garden was found in 1837 and has different sort of trees which names are marked s well as live entertainment and food trucks spread in the proximity. There are even boat rides!



Newbury Street: NYC has its fifth avenue, and Boston has Newbury street. Enjoy a stroll, shopping from high end brands to the more affordable ones. You can later enjoy a great meal in one of the many options all over the sidewalks.


Freedom trail: An idea of the journalist William Schofield to build a pedestrian trail to walk linking 16 historical  landmarks. You can book your guided tour to explore them.


Faneuil Hall: A historical building which is part of the Freedom Trail. It has 3 markets as well as restaurants where you can savor local specialties.


Fenway Park: which is the baseball park home for the Boston Red Sox, the city’s American League baseball team

Shamrock Series at Fenway Park
Photo via Boston Redsox

Cambridge and Harvard Square: Home for the oldest American University Harvard , this area boosts with life with many eateries, bookstores and theaters.


Waterfront: Boston’s Marina where different wharves are lined on the Harbor with hotels, public art, food trucks and parks alongside.


Prudential center: Not only a shopping and dining destination, it also offers the 360-degree views of the city


6- The food

I dedicated different posts to the awesome restaurants in which I enjoyed my meals, so you can check them but here is a list:

The best part of Boston, is its proximity to NEW YORK! You can reserve your return ticket for around 32 $ and 4 hours trip with Greyhound buses. They have the funniest drivers ever, on board wifi, the only inconvenience is the unannounced delays.

And now you know what was the next Destination!

La Petite


4 thoughts on “Your travel guide to Boston: top things to see, do, sleep and eat!

  1. As a native Bostonian and someone who has spent many days in and around Dedham I can’t believe they would give you a hotel so far from downtown Boston. I am very happy that you enjoyed your visit. Boston is a beautiful and historic city that needs more than a few days to explore and appreciate. Hopefully you will get the chance to go back one day.


    1. Thank you for your wishes, I know it was too bad and I was so much disappointed too.
      Hopefully will be back to discover more of the city.


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