On a beautiful early Sunday morning, at 7 am to be specific, 30 instagramers found their way to Beirut Intl Airport and the adventure began! Ok now that sounded like a fairy tale, but wait it was!


A sweet invitation from Nakhal to spend a day, yes a day, not in Lebanon, nope in Antalya!

How is that even possible? I tell you how, Nakhal has a charter, Wings Of Lebanon that runs direct flights to many destinations including Greece, Sweden, Germany and Turkey. All the details are available on their website, and you can book a flight only without buying a whole package.

Our flight departed around 9:30 am and I was pleasantly surprised of the quality of the service, it all starts with the check in, as well as the on board service.

A team that was trained to make you comfortable in your flight, even if it was for one hour and half.We arrived to Antalya’s airport around 11, after security check, a bus was waiting for us to take us to our destination.


Nakhal are the exclusive agents of The land of legends inside the Rixos premium. In less than 30 minutes, our bus stopped in front of a majestic location.

A roman theme inspiring the decoration, live entertainment welcoming us, as well as a huuuuge sweets table right at the center which is the dream of any child and adult too!


It was time to catch the brunch buffet before 1 pm so we head down to an enormous area that has options to please all tastes. Live cooking stations, salads bars, cold cuts, cheeses, cooked meals, Turkish specialties and much more!
Let the photos do the work!

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The Hotel is decorated in a way to attract and please the younger generations as it is a family destination too.Mirror selfie anyone!


Time to lay the bags in the rooms, I loved the bright colors, the space, the balcony and the bathroom. Everything was so neat and in rhyme with the theme.

After a small rest, the Land of legends was waiting. Plenty of activities as per your interest: from dolphin shows to extreme water activities to just chilling by the pool.

The whole resort is cashless, you can fill the bracelet with money in different corners. There are also plenty of small shops, food and beverage kiosks beside the big shopping mall with international brand. You see, I told you there is an option to please each of you.

After the long day, we were starving and Al Abir restaurant was the right address to satisfy our hunger. I was surprised to actually find a restaurant serving Lebanese cuisine at this scale. Really one of the best I had. I appreciated especially the addition of eggplant to many plates including fattoush, and the cauliflower fatte de-constructed. As for the Osamleyi dessert,it surely crowned the meal.

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A trip well spent, with fun people and great service. What is not to recommend? Oh check a glimpse of the trip back!


La Petite



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