As Hans Christian Andersen once said:

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam all the roads of lands remote, to Travel is to Live.

Yes, travelling is the healthiest addiction, and while we would love to live in a cycle of Work, Save, Travel and repeat, I would not mind some assistance to simplify the task!

Here comes the roll of the agencies; so far, like many of you, I have counted on some internet skills, and spent hours roaming the sites searching for good deals in airline tickets, accommodation as well as the trip plan.

Until, I was approached, for my first travel collaboration, by ouibook, teaming me up with Bill Hax from eat.sleep.vlog, to explore Belgrade.

Who is behind Ouibook?

An owner who has years of experience in reputable travel agencies, until it was time for her own wings to fly people! Take my words this lady knows what she is doing as she proved in one of the most organized yet hustle free trips that I ever took.

Why are Ouibook so special?

They take in charge of every single detail, the ones you think of and the ones that never crossed your mind, customizing your trip and assisting you all the way to guarantee the proper execution of the plan.

What is the most complicated part when you plan your trip, besides packing since they can’t do that for you though I did share my tips and outfit ideas here!

For me it is the Visa application; in order to reach Serbia, you have one of three options, either apply for Serbian visa, Schengen or like I did Cypriote one. While I was at my office, working normally, Ouibook sent their driver to collect my passport with the basic documents needed, and four days later, delivered it back to my place with the visa stamp! How awesome is that!

Trip essentials

Ouibook not only took in charge of the airline tickets and hotel reservation, they were also our guide, planing our four days to profit to the max of our time, listing for us the sites to see with many recommendations of the restaurants that are not the regular touristic ones.

We traveled via Air serbia; it runs direct flights twice a week to Beirut, a very short trip. In fact less than 3 hours separate us from the beautiful Belgrade. Note there is no onboard meal, so make sure to grab snacks with you. Needless to say that Ouibook took in charge of the transfer from and to the airport.

The airport baggage collection

The hotel reservation were made in Jump INN, in the heart of the city, less than 20 minutes away from the airport, and only couple of minutes away from the bus and metro stations, the city center and the main attractions, find my detailed review here.


The Discoveries:

And here is the part you are waiting for the most! Oh note that I divided the trip details in two, so expect another one to follow with all the addresses to explore the taste and flavors of Belgrade. Meanwhile, hop on to explore Belgrade as Ouibook planned it.

img_1252-1♥FUN FACT♥

Serbs are the most hospitable nation – according to the international polls. Their hospitality is based on an ancient pagan belief, a host will not gain any favors from the Gods if he doesn’t offer a bed and food to a guest.

Day 1: 

The Kalemegdan Fortressoverseeing the Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade Fortress was built over 16 centuries, destroyed and rebuilt, becoming the symbol of the growing and ever rising city. Take a stroll  through the park leading to the Fortress, visit the Upper and Lower Town, and secure yourself a spot on the wall to can enjoy the breathtaking sunset view.


TRG Republike: Roam in the streets around this central point, where most of the shops, restaurants and cafés are scattered. We had so much fun reliving the Christmas spirit as the tree and decoration were still displayed; when asked the young generation simply answered: We are too lazy to remove them!


Street Art
Street art
Under my umbrellas

Day 2: 

ZemunYou cannot but fall under the charm of this beautiful part of the city, around 20 minutes away by Bus from the hotel, and blessed by an exceptionally beautiful weather, we enjoyed a full leisure day in Zemun. A walk by Danube river, you can grab a drink, or eat but make sure to move around in the tiny streets and walk upwards the small hill to reach the tower.


Gardos Tower: or the Millennium towers, it witnessed the World war I, was renovated over the years and is still under renovation. The ground floor hosts exposition of international artists, and the upper floor is open for visitors for a 200 dinars. The  view is worth the effort of taking the tiny stairs!


Day 3:

Skadarlijais typically The Serbian Montmartre, again walking distance from the hotel, we started our sunny day exploring the artistic side of this neighborhood which is part of the old city, like its Parisian twin, it is filled with café trottoir and bistro. Side note I got a tempting engagement proposal there! Romance filled the air!


The Bajrakli Mosque:  in the neighbourhood of Dorćol’ it was built during the time of the Ottoman Empire’s rule of Serbia, was converted into a Roman Catholic church but was later returned to its original function. A beautiful simple architecture.

Bajrakli Mosque

The roads lead us after that to the many beautiful tiny shops in the neighborhood to find our selves at the lower town of the fortress!

At night we walked towards Brankova, facing the bridge with the most beautiful reflections where many restaurants and pubs are boosting with young generation and amazing atmosphere.


 Day 4:

Save the best to the end. The remarkable Temple of St Sava  is still under construction since 1935! In fact the temple is meant to receive around 10000 faithful, so far the lower part and  the Dome were finalized.


Nikola Tesla Museum is few minutes away from the temple; you can watch a movie about his life and enjoy experimenting in current and telecommand. Unfortunately we did not visit it as we were running late and needed to head to the hotel for our departure.

The plan was super effective for us to enjoy the beauty of the city and have a taste of its cultural, historical, modern and popular sides.

An awesome getaway to an affordable destination with five stars service.

Whatever was the type of vacation you are dreaming off, your budget and your destination, I ensure you that Ouibook could make the best out of it.

Now head to eat.sleep.vlog and check his vlog about our trip and visit my instagram page to check the highlighted stories or my facebook page for the 360 photos. And finally stay tuned for the tasty part two of the trip!


La Petite



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