Newly opened by Chef Karim Bibi, nestled in Gemmayze, fading lights and subtle decoration, warm and cozy yet our experience was cold and lacked the spirit the place reflected.

Starting with a welcome where we felt as if invading someone’s house with a question of sorry do you have reservation? And upon negative answer we were told we only have the bar seats. Just saying it could have been formulated in a nicer way saying we can offer you those seats without the condescending look of : oh you thought you can just show up here!

So we sat on the bar, luckily the positive presence of Marc made the difference. With the only genuine smile we received that eve.

Bread basket landed as we checked the menu, and picked:

  • Roasted eggplant with tomato and provolone: aka eggplant Parmigiano with provolone cheese instead, beautifully presented but way too oily

  • Seared tuna salad: when you read the description on the menu, it says only tuna with lettuce and my hated haricot vert, so I asked if the latter could be replaced, answer of the chef came no! As you know I would rarely be convinced with no as an answer for food swap, yet I told Marc, whatever let me take feta salad, though I commented that they could have simply added the macerated tomatoes that are served with the tuna steak, so Marc told me that there are, yet none of this is written on the menu, and when my salad landed one it is simply a niçoise with thin strips of seared tuna : I understand if you want to be creative with describing the plate, just be clear about your ingredients, people have allergies and dietary restrictions! Eggs, tomatoes…..

I asked to pack the rest of my salad, Marc answered that no packaging available, so I just expressed my refusal for any food waste, Food blessed where are you! And asked it even wrapped with aluminum foil rather than throwing it in the garbage while many are not having anything to eat

We ended the meal with the chocolate pot cake: made on spot, I would have personally preferred the use of darker chocolate, but it was ok.

The place was getting fully packed, the seating at the bar was too squeezed, and we just wanted to leave.

Thank you Marc, if it was not for your lovely attitude this whole experience would have been even worse.

Hopefully my voice is heard, from the attitude, to the menu and flexibility and definitely the food leftovers.

Say no to food waste,

La Petite


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