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Batchig, the modernized version of Mayrig, has the same spirit of the twisted Armenian cuisine while respecting the original recipe.

A practical easy to reach location, in a house nestled on a back street of Dbayeh. Cross the door and get transported with the subtle decoration.

A small shop selling the “made by Mayrig” products.


On the first floor you will find the oven if you like to watch the baking of the delicacies as well as the mezze bar.

The upper floor has several tables and the piano. The terrace is closed during winter cold days but hosted many brunches and oud nights when the weather was merciful!

We were greeted and served by pleasant staff all through the dinner. Hail to the chef for the tasty dishes and presentation!

We had a feast:

  •  Tabbouli decorated with the pomegranate seeds : my friends loved it


  • Itch: a tasty version of it, but i prefer Mezzyan’s


  • Vospovkeufteh: it was a bit too starchy for my taste, and again I have to compare it to other Armenian restaurants, I think onno’s version is tastier


  • Mohamara, baba ghannouj and Hommos basterma: three delicious dishes, the balanced spiciness of the first, creamy texture of the other two and the crunchiness of the basterma are remarkable


  • Soujok: my friends liked it
  • Kebbehnayyi and habra nayyi: fresh and great quality of meat
  • Batchig sticks: a selection of fried  sticks of dough filled with labneh and olives, shanklish, cheese and basterma as well as cheese: crunchy and not oily, generous filling and beautiful presentation


  • Batata harra: amazing: crispy and balanced seasoning, loved it


  • Arayes kafta: nothing special


  • Sou beureg: looked tasty and my friends liked it


  • Mayrig’s lahm b ajin: thin dough and delicious filling


  • Meat Mante:again sorry for comparing, Onno wins hard
  • Ending with mixed grill: taouk, meat and kabab: the three are very well seasoned and moist, bravo chef for the seasoning


As for the desserts we had :

  • Mount Ararat: selection of Ice cream topped with cotton candy and pistachios: rich flavors


  • Aish saraya: not my favorite for the eve, it lacked something


  • Tahinov hats: how can I resist anything with cinnamon and topped with vanilla ice cream:)


Overall the food and the service were the best ingredients for an awesome eve, would definitely come back to experience the terrace themed nights and brunches.

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